Articles by Paul Daft (paul)

Group week end April 2016

Destination Tenby, West Wales.

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Memorable Trip in more ways than one.

A record number of birds on our annual week end

April 2015

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The birth of a RSPB Reserve

Waste not want not.

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Almost Out of Puff

Our Group Weekend May '14.

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A Look Back

A review of past RSPB Holidays.

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Wot no boots!

An RSPB adventure

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When I'm 94

You don't have to go far to see birds.

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Brickbats and Bouquets

Birds Magazine.

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I don't do foreign parts.

British holidays were enough for me!

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Lost Focus ( A response from the RSPB)Also a letter from a member.

On a recent holiday....

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Choughed to bits!

   Our Four Day Birding Trip in Wales.

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Blow, blow, thou spring wind!

This adaptation of Shakespeare’s phrase from ‘As you like it’ sums up the conditions in the Outer Hebrides this May. It was 7.30 in the morning as Keith and I sat in the queue of vehicles waiting to board the Caledonian Macbrayne ferry from Oban to Barra.

Strumpshaw in July

Showing the variety of species at Strumpshaw

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Bring me Sunshine

This was the fervent hope of 40 members

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Mrs. Goodwin's Ramblers Go West

Spring is the time when we look for birds on their annual migration so it was no surprise to see forty migrants from Nottingham RSPB making their annual journey. Having a poor sense of direction means that their migration route varies from year to year and this year saw them heading for Tenby.

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My Kingdom for a Mistle Thrush!

Paul recounts the events of the 2008 Bird Race

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Return of the Twitch

A look back at a story by Paul Daft about the 2007 birding weekend in Devon.

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Welcome to Wales

Paul reports on the spring weekend in Wales.

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Desperate Dan Does Dorset

Desperate Dan, Olive Oyl, Popeye, Mr. Magoo, the Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx and Officer Dibble set off to Bournemouth

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Andy, Mandy (and thirty five others) Go Mad in Devon

Autumn Weekend Trip, 2003

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Pink Footed Paradise

"Chief Ticking List" Paul Daft's account of the Autumn Weekend Trip, 2001