Norfolk Holiday

With a two week holiday in Norfolk we tried to plan where we would go in those two weeks. Should we go to Titchwell or not ? See why...

jpg imageWe all know that Titchwell has got to change, with the sea pushing its relentless way inch by inch further in land.

A lot of work has been done already with two new hides. Parinder takes some getting used to. From far way it does look impressive, shaped like birds wings, once there it looks a little like a concrete bunker on different levels. Once inside the windows open wide top and bottom giving wonderful views. There are stools as well, you can raise them or lower at the touch of a lever. (Very good for short people like me)


We had gone to ‘Titch’ the week before our holiday with our group (NOTTM RSPB) and was very disappointed at the lack of birds and water (very little rain for months)

I thought , I don’t even want to go when on holiday.

But hang on folks, my love affair with the ‘Titch’ is not over!


Bank Holiday Monday and we arrive at 9-30am. It was very windy and cloudy, but we eagerly set off down the path to the visitors centre. Great tits, blue tits, green finch, robin all vying for food on the feeders.

I had some sand in my bins from the last trip we went on , so went into the centre to see if they could help. Thanks to a very helpful gentleman my ‘bins’ was once more clear and bright. That done we set off  once more down the path and on looking up I saw a Marsh Harrier! I saw it before Dave as well ( I’m not competetive) this was great! On the oppsite side we saw Dunlin and Little Stint (I do believe there was more water this week. The sluice gate was broken and was going to be replaced) Lots of Teal and Ruff all over the place.  In the Island hide there were even more Ruff and Shell Duck (Juvenile Shell Duck I think)

Outside the Parinder Hide in a small pool, three more birds to add to the list, spotted Redshank, Green Sandpiper and Snipe.

I took my cam- corder  at the last minute although I didn’t think I’d use it. I managed to get some lovely shots of all three.

We decided to go and get something to eat before going to the beach. It took awhile because we kept stopping to look at things. A Little Egret slowly flying off across the shooting marsh,then a Curlew elegantly walking through the long grass.

I can recommend the chilli con carni and rice! While eating our sticky toffee pudding I saw something flick,out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was just a blue tit but wait a minute,

Me: Tree Creeper, Tree Creeper.

Dave: Where ?

Me: There, There (waving franticly)

Dave: Where’s there ?

Me: Second one along.

Dave: What ?

Me: Never mind it’s gone, wasn’t that great and so close.

Dave: I don’t know, I’ve never known such a bad description, second what along?

Me: Tree of course. (well I knew what I meant)

 After a trip to the loo, off we went again, this time straight to the beach.

The sea was a fair way out. We could see two men digging for worms, fishermen I suppose,  and at the side of them lots of birds. The birds were not a bit bothered about the men, obviously  looking for the same thing. Lots of Oystercatcher, Knot and other waders.

The sun in the afternoon was glorious ,perfect for photography. Click, Click, more memories  to take home with us.

As we went back along the path, at the waters edge, two beautiful Ruff one male, one female searching for food in the shallow water, backwards and forwards with their slightly curved bill. They were so close to the path that the birding paparazzi must have got excellent photo’s.

All to soon it was time to leave,  but we’d had a wonderful day and I’m now back in love with the Titch.